Kälteanlagen und Kühlsysteme aus Kaltenkirchen

Über uns

Wir sind ein junges Unternehmen, welches von 3 ehemaligen Mitarbeitern der Firmen Klüver Aggregatebau bzw. Laird Technologies in Schleswig-Holstein gegründet wurde.

Unser Betätigungsfeld umfasst Kühlsysteme und Kälteanlagen in den Anwendungsbereichen Industrie, Medizin und Schifffahrt.

thermove GmbH ceased its development, production and sales of cooling systems at the end of June and initiated the liquidation of the company.

About us

With many years of experience in the field of temperature management of liquid media, we are specialized in cooling systems for industrial X-ray, machine tools and applications in the laboratory or medical environment.
Our range includes the in-house development, production and final inspection as well as service and repair at our location in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.

The standard range of refrigeration and cooling systems available for liquid cooling already covers a wide range of industrial applications from 0,5kW up to 40 kW cooling capacity. In addition, we are pleased to offer our customers the ability to work together on a customized solution and to develop products that exceed known usage limitations.

Beside individual new appliances, we offer scheduled services or refurbishment of your cooling systems.

Fast turnaround times ensure the earliest possible reuse of the cooling system in your production or at your customer. Whenever possible, we offer replacement equipment during extended downtime.

We procure, modify and supply spare parts and accessories for all common cooling systems. The range includes hydraulic, mechanical, refrigeration and electrical components, as well as custom assemblies of tubing sets, connection cables and instrumentation suitable for monitoring and adjusting cooling system parameters in the field.

This wide range and also our lean operational structure make us a reliable and competent partner for the quick solution of your requirements.
„Please do not hesitate to contact us for details!“

We would like to thank all customers who have trusted us and who we were able to convince of the advantages of our cooling systems and of us as a reliable partner.

We are very sorry not to be able to continue to supply you, the situation this year was also unexpected for us and at the same time leading to our current decision.

thermove, in June 2020